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Nina brings a rich background of broad-based knowledge and experiences to her work with people who stutter and their families.

Mission of Stuttering Therapy Services, PLLC

It is the mission of Stuttering Therapy Services to bring appropriate, individualized therapy to children and adolescents who stutter. This therapy is provided in a family-based, child-centered environment to create the most positive therapy experience for all involved in the therapy process.

Philosophy of Stuttering Therapy Services, PLLC

“It is my philosophy that each child who stutters (along with his or her family) deserves individualized attention to address specific needs. I do not adhere to strict therapy programs, as I believe that one size does NOT fit all in stuttering therapy. It is my vision that each child and family feel educated, supported and empowered in every step of the therapy process." -Nina Reeves

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From some parents of children who stutter:

Dear Miss Nina: You have helped not only Paul but our entire family understand and learn about stuttering. I am so glad God lead us to you. We have been truly blessed to have you in our lives. Paul is who he is today because of you. I know he'll be OK because of you. -Patty R.; IL

Dear Mrs. Nina; Thank you for all you've done for TJ and our family. TJ has improved so much under your care and guidance and our family has learned how to communicate in a way that fosters a more secure and sensitive environment for TJ's speech challenges. I've often told friends that you were a gift sent from God and I truly believe you were an answer to our prayers. -Cristen K.; Frisco, TX