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School Age

School age stuttering assessment and intervention services are available for children who stutter (ages 5-13).

Therapy for school age children involves education regarding speech and stuttering as well as training in speech and stuttering modification strategies. With this age group, the therapeutic process also emphasizes support of a child's self-esteem and confidence as he or she learns to handle and cope with stuttering in everyday life. 

Many times, children can feel alone in dealing with their stuttering. Parents, siblings and peers are a vital part of therapy for school age children who stutter. At Stuttering Therapy Services, we strive to develop a positive support system for children, while empowering them to become their own best advocates for helping other people understand stuttering.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about stuttering and stuttering therapy, click here.

What can I expect when I contact Nina? 

No question is too large or too small!  Nina will work with you to decide the best plan for your (or your child’s) case.  By contacting Nina, you can ask questions, discuss evaluation or consultation options, or inquire about therapy experience and philosophies.

Whether you send an email through the website or send in the “request for more information” form, Nina will contact you to discuss your questions and outline the possibilities that are best for you and your family. 

Request an assessment, therapy, or further information by clicking here.

Here is what some of Nina's students have written to her: 

You are the best speech teacher that I ever had.  We had great times together.  Our notebook has all our memories. Thank you for the best time with you. - Paul R.; Shorewood IL

Dear Mrs. Nina: Thanks for teaching me that it's ok to stutter. -Jackson M.; Lemont , IL