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Contrary to popular belief, there are many available resources for stuttering information. Below you will find a selected set of resources that are available. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but these resources will lead you to other materials on the subject of stuttering. Whether you are a person who stutters, speech-language pathologist, educator, parent or family member, there is something for you in the list below!

Download a categorized list of "Famous People Who Stutter(ed)"


National Stuttering Association (NSA)
119 W. 40th Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone:1-800-937-8888 Website:


The National Stuttering Association (NSA) Teens Who STutter (TWST) Dallas Area support chapter

The chapter, one of the first youth chapters in the nation, was named NSA's Youth Chapter of the Year for 2008!

The chapter meets once per month (last Thursday of the month) at Callier Center for Communication Disorders (811 Synergy Park Boulevard in Richardson, TX) at 7:00 p.m. Teens who stutter, their families and SLPs are welcome to join each other to support teens who deal with stuttering. Please contact Nina if you would like further information about the NSA or the Dallas Area TWST meetings.

Stuttering Foundation (SF) 
P.O. Box 11749 
3100 Walnut Grove Road #603 
Memphis , TN 38111 
Phone: 1-800-992-9392 Website:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
10801 Rockville Pike 
Rockville, Maryland 20852 Email: 
Phone: 1-800-498-2071 Website:

Specialty Board on Fluency Disorders

Friends: National Association of Young People Who Stutter Email:
 Phone:1-866-866-8335 Website:


The Stuttering Home Page:

StutterTalk :

Children's Literature on Stuttering

Angel Loves to Talk & Rucus Talks and Talks
 Written by Nina Reardon-Reeves, Illustrated by Brit Kohls


These coloring books are perfect for young children who stutter who are aware that they have differences in their voice sometimes. These stories are brought to life in hopes of carrying the message that all types of talking are “OK,” and that no matter what, a child's love of communication is most important.

More Friends for Jackson
 Written by Nina Reardon-Reeves, Illustrated by Pam Kurtz

A new 16 page booklet is about a young boy named Jackson who attends a meeteing for kids who stutter. As the story progresses we learn about Jackson's initial apprehension over attending the meeting, his experience during the course of the event, and the resulting friendships made by those in attendance. This is a must have for kids who stutter.

Tending to Grace

Tending to Grace Written by Kimberly Newton Fusco

Tending to Grace by Kimberly Newton Fusco and published by Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House Children's Books is the winner of the 2006 Schneider Family Book Award from the American Librayr Association for its empathetic portrayal of a girl who stutters. Cornelia Corny Thornhill, a self-described bookworm who stutters, is judged to be a poor student because of her reluctance to speak or read aloud. During the school year that Corny lives with her eccentric great-aunt Agatha, a family secret helps them as they unravel their differences. Told with eloquent simplicity, Corny's narrative is an honest portrayal of self-discovery.

Lucky Stars
 Written by Lucy Frank

Jeremy and the Hippo

Jeremy and the Hippo: A Boy's Struggle with Stuttering
 Written by Gail Lew

This beautifully illustrated book is about a boy named Jeremy and a hippo that follows him everywhere. Not only does the hippo follow him, but whenever Jeremy stutters the hippo becomes gigantic, causing some embarrassing and funny situations. In the end Jeremy learns to deal with his stuttering and becomes friends with the hippo.

The book is a great way to open the door for discussion about the classroom, family situations and teasing. Included with the book is a three page article written for parents on how to help their child deal with teasing.

This illustrated storybook is intended both as a therapy aid for children and to help in understanding children who stutter and the many methods that are available to help them, their families, and friends.  The booklet is dedicated to Vivian Sheehan, SLP, who compared stuttering to a "baby hippo" in her therapy, inspiring the creation of this short story.

The Mary Marony series
 Written by Suzy Kline

Mary Marony Hides OutMary Marony and the Chocolate SurpriseMary Marony and the Snake
•    Mary Marony and the Chocolate Surprise
•    Mary Marony and the Snake
•    Mary Marony: Mummy Girl
•    Mary Marony Hides Out

MANY MANY more books can be found at The Stuttering Home Page by following this link.