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Preschool stuttering assessment and intervention services are available for children who are experiencing disruptions in their speech (ages 2-5 years).

Preschool stuttering therapy begins with parent education and training in communication styles.  These educational and training experiences are adjusted to meet the specific needs of each child and his or her family.

Therapy may also include having fun learning about talking and helping children speak more easily.  Decisions regarding therapy focus and activities are individualized to the needs of each child and family.

Consultation with preschool educators or any significant others in a child's communication environment are included as a part of the therapy process.

Request an assessment, therapy, or further information by clicking here or for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about stuttering and stuttering therapy, click here. 

What can I expect when I contact Nina? 

No question is too large or too small!  Nina will work with you to decide the best plan for your (or your child’s) case.  By contacting Nina, you can ask questions, discuss evaluation or consultation options, or inquire about therapy experience and philosophies.

Whether you send an email through the website or send in the “request for more information” form, Nina will contact you to discuss your questions and outline the possibilities that are best for you and your family. 

Request an assessment, therapy, or further information by clicking here.

Read what Nina's kids in therapy and their parents have to say: 
Dear Miss Nina: You have helped not only Paul but our entire family understand and learn about stuttering. I am so glad God lead us to you. We have been truly blessed to have you in our lives. Paul is who he is today because of you. I know he'll be OK because of you.-Patty R.; IL

Dear Mrs. Nina; Thank you for all you've done for TJ and our family. TJ has improved so much under your care and guidance and our family has learned how to communicate in a way that fosters a more secure and sensitive environment for TJ's speech challenges. I've often told friends that you were a gift sent from God and I truly believe you were an answer to our prayers.
-Cristen K.; Frisco, TX

Dear Nina: It is impossible to completely express the gratitude we feel for you. You have been such an important, influential, loving, stable, compassionate, understanding, dedicated part of our lives for the past 2 years. You have been much more than a speech/language/fluency teacher. You have been our guide; you have given me strength and a sense of composure as a parent for Benjamin. You have been a priceless part of our lives. We'll remember you always as our “Miss Nina” who was the most precious blessing we could have hoped for. Thank you for caring about Benjamin and us. Thank you for your expertise that is so powerful because of your enormous heart.
-Suzy C.; Palatine, IL

Dear Nina: It touches my heart that you have seen and felt the whole person in these children. Because of your loving and thoughtful ways, they know they are more than their stuttering and you were more than their therapist.
-Chris M.; Lemont, IL

Dear Ms. Nina: I find it hard to express how thankful we are to have found you as a therapist for our son. You have been such an invaluable source of information and support for us . Always there to reassure us, and make sure we have the tools to help our son deal with and work through his speech struggles. Thank you so much!
-Cheryl K.; Frisco, TX