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Other Publications

A Sampling of Articles

ASHA LEADERarticle outlines Nina's program in several districts in Texas. The "Stuttering Focus Initiative" enhances stuttering therapy in the public schools. 

ADVANCE Magazine highlights Nina's work with parents of children who stutter at Frisco ISD 

Nina's ASHA Audio Seminar is now available! Topic: School Age Stuttering Therapy...check it out!  

Online Courses: CEU seminar: Nina and Dr. Kathleen Whitmire have co-authored an online course on the subject of eligibility and writing IEPs for school age stuttering therapy.

  • Online CEUs:  
    • Preschool Children who Stutter: Help for Parents.
    Co-authored with J. Scott Yaruss, this presentation is for Speech-Language Pathologists and is based upon the best-selling booklet for parents that Nina Reeves and Scott Yaruss co-authored for the National Stuttering Association.


October 2010; Speech Bingo: Clinical Nugget for the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference

March 2010; Two Thumbs Up: Clinical Nugget for the International Cluttering Online Conference

October 2009; A Road Map of Stuttering: Clinical Nugget for the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference 2009

October 2008; Fluency Specialization in the Schools (article co-authored with Carl Dell and Charles Van Riper) International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference

May, 2008 Interviewed for article: McClure, James, Fluency Consultants Help School Clinicians Gain Expertise, Confidence, Advance, Cover Story, May 12, pages 6-9.

February, 2008 Interviewed for article: DeCarlo, Liz, Stuttering: A misunderstood disorder, Chicago Parent, pages 41-44.

Reardon-Reeves, N., (2006) School Age Stuttering Treatment: What Works? ASHA Leader, September 26, 16 -17.

Reardon, N. (2006). Teasing and bullying: Reducing the negative impact for children who stutter.  Perspectives on Fluency and Fluency Disorders, 16, 1, 11-13.

Nina Reardon-Reeves featured in: Banotai, Alyssa. "Benchmarks in Therapy: Writing Goals for Stuttering ". Advance. May 8, 2006; pg 6.

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