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Onsite Coaching

Small group or individual SLP “directed” consultations can be utilized to develop higher levels of evidence-based practice and positive outcomes in challenging fluency disorder cases.

Districts and private entities can chose from a range of options for consultative services with Nina Reeves. Plans can be individualized for each site’s needs and budgets.

Contact Nina Reeves for more information.

Here are some examples of recent and ongoing successful programs:

  • Frisco ISD: At Frisco ISD, Nina is an employee who services the district as a “staff fluency specialist.” Nina oversees all aspects of fluency disorder training, programs and paperwork issues with the team of 50+ Speech-Language Pathologists at FISD. Nina also co-teaches at the Early Childhood School, serving preschool children who stutter and their parents. The FISD program has recently received nation-wide attention, highlighted in Advance Magazine and the ASHA Leader.
  • Garland ISD: At Garland, Nina is a contractual fluency specialist for the district's 60+ SLPs. This program is entered its seventh year in 2012-13.
  • Wylie ISDThis district contracted services for the 2011-12 academic year, with an option for continued development.  Phase One of the program consisted of ongoing staff development (strand seminars) for the Wylie ISD Speech-Language Pathologists.
  • McKinney ISD: Nina spent two years as a fluency specialist for McKinney ISD. This short-term contract was designed to maximize potential for ‘raising the bar’ of fluency disorder service delivery. Nina provided staff development, consultations, and program development for MISD Speech-Language Pathologists.
  • Grapevine-Colleyville ISD: GCISD contracted ongoing onsite consultative services for several difficult cases, as well as ongoing staff development over a period of 3 years.  


For districts on regional and national levels, direct consultations on overall district/entity approaches for assessment and treatment of children with fluency disorders are available via online coaching.

Small group or individual SLP “directed” consultations can be utilized to develop higher levels of evidence-based practice and positive outcomes in challenging fluency disorder cases.

Strand (Series) Professional Development

In the past, districts, regional special education cooperatives, regional SLP and state organizations have invited Nina to present one-to-two day seminars for their professionals.

Recently, however, several service entities have expanded their focus on fluency disorder training to “strand” development. This has usually entailed a series of seminars that address many of the most problematic areas of therapy for fluency disorders. This series approach helps to avoid the sense of a "drive-through dump" of information, and can be most effective in increasing SLP confidence and competence of treating fluency disorders in children and adolescents.

Here is a sample of a recent strand series of presentations for a regional educational service center in Texas:

  • School Age Stuttering Therapy: A framework for success [Full Day]
  • Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy: Yes we DO need to know this! [Full Day]
  • School Age Stuttering Therapy: Where do we start? [Half Day]
  • School Age Stuttering Therapy: Tools, tools, tools [Half Day]
  • Counseling Children and Families in Stuttering Therapy [Half Day]

 Here is a sample of a strand series of presentations for a local school district near Dallas, TX:

  • School Age Stuttering Therapy: Concepts and Strategies [Half Day]
  • Transitions in Preschool Stuttering Therapy [Half-day]
  • Assessment and Intervention of Cognitive/Affective Components in School Age Stuttering Therapy [Half Day]