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  • The Preschool Child Who Stutters: For the Early Childhood Educator

      • Early Childhood Educators are the best “first line” of successful early intervention of fluency disorders. However, many early childhood professionals often request further information regarding “danger signs” as well as their role in supporting the child who stutters in the classroom. This workshop presents concise referral information along with support strategies that educators can employ in the classroom setting.

    Recommended Length: 2 Hours to Half Day
    Target Audience: Early Childhood Educators, Support Staff, and Speech-Language Pathologists

  • The School Age Child Who Stutters: Information for Professional Educators

      • For a school age child who stutters, the probability of successful management of stuttering can be enhanced when teachers are educated about and involved in the process of therapy. This in-service provides information regarding stuttering and stuttering therapy. The interactive nature of the presentation seeks to empower educators with successful strategies for supporting the child who stutters in the classroom setting.

                         Recommended Length: 2-3 Hours
                         Target Audience: Classroom Educators, Support Staff, and Administrators


  • Educate, Advocate, Validate: Keys for loved ones of children who stutter

    Parents of children who stutter often feel isolated and confused about what is best for their child. This presentation will inform and support parents with the challenges of understanding what stuttering is, working with professionals, and helping their child through the process of learning to deal with stuttering.

  • My Child Stutters:  A journey of change

    Parents often become so involved in the journey of their child, they forget their own journeys.  It is important for parents to address their own stages of change.  This workshop leads parents through though provoking questions and discussions regarding being the parent of a child who stutters. 

  • Fears and Stuttering: A parent interaction

    What are we afraid of?  Many times, parents fear that their child will be teased, won’t be successful, will be held back, etc because of stuttering.  This workshop provides an interactive discussion group format which allows parents to share fears and triumphs in learning about and dealing with stuttering in their family system.

  • Packing for the Journey:  What’s in YOUR suitcase?

    Learning to deal with stuttering in the long term is a journey that children who stutter and their families must take.  Take a trip together to discover if what you have packed for the journey serves you or needs to be ‘left by the side of the road.”  Pack great tools that help the journey, rather than hinder it! 

  • Building a Support System for Children who Stutter

    Children who stutter need the significant others in their environment to understand stuttering, stuttering therapy, and the process of change that takes place over time.  This interactive workshop helps families ‘get together’ on what it takes to deal with stuttering in the long term.

What can I expect when I contact Nina? 

No question is too large or too small!  Nina will work with you to decide the best plan for your (or your child’s) case.  By contacting Nina, you can ask questions, discuss evaluation or consultation options, or inquire about therapy experience and philosophies.

Whether you send an email through the website or send in the “request for more information” form, Nina will contact you to discuss your questions and outline the possibilities that are best for you and your family.