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Ms. Reeves also provides assessment and therapy for a fluency disorder known as cluttering.  This therapy involves working with a student on clarity and rate, among other individualized goals. These goals increase intelligibility and reduce the impact of cluttering on the child’s life. 

Request further information or schedule an appointment by clicking here or for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about stuttering and stuttering therapy, click here.

What can I expect when I contact Nina? 

No question is too large or too small!  Nina will work with you to decide the best plan for your (or your child’s) case.  By contacting Nina, you can ask questions, discuss evaluation or consultation options, or inquire about therapy experience and philosophies.

Whether you send an email through the website or send in the “request for more information” form, Nina will contact you to discuss your questions and outline the possibilities that are best for you and your family. 

Request an assessment, therapy, or further information by clicking here.