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Booklets & Pamphlets

Reardon-Reeves, Nina. (2008) More Friends for Jackson. Anaheim, CA: National Stuttering Association

This new 16 page booklet is about a young boy named Jackson who attends a meeting for kids who stutter. As the story progresses we learn about Jackson's initial apprehension over attending the meeting, his experience during the course of the event, and the resulting friendships made by those in attendance.

Reardon, N.A., & Yaruss, J.S., (Revision, 2008) Young Children Who Stutter: Information and Support for Parents. Anaheim, CA: National Stuttering Association

If you suspect that your child is stuttering, you may be feeling worried, confused, or at a loss about what you can do to help. Family members, friends, professionals, and even the media may have given you conflicting advice about what you should do next. ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH!


Murphy, W.P & Reardon, N.A., (2002) The School-Age Child who Stutters: Information for Educators. Anaheim, CA: National Stuttering Association

Answers to frequently asked questions about how to help the child who stutters. Topics include: Basic information about stuttering. What is the child feeling? What happens in therapy? How can I help? What is a teacher's role? What about classroom speaking situations? How do I handle teasing? Helpful suggestions for speaking with a person who stutters are also provided. 

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Murphy, W.P., & Reardon, N.A. (2002) A Classroom Presentation on Stuttering. Anaheim, CA: National Stuttering Association

Talking to classmates about stuttering can help make children who stutter feel better about their speech and themselves. It also creates a place in the classroom that feels safer to stutter and/or to use speech tools. This 4-page brochure provides presentation ideas for children, teens, and speech-language pathologists who want to communicate information about stuttering in the classroom. Dimensions: 8" x 11"; 4 pages; printed in two colors on glossy paper. 

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